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Hello, We The Parents community. First, I want to say a huge *THANK YOU* to everyone. 👏🙏Your engagement has kept us going. We learned so much during this process. There were three pages of write-ins, so clearly the registered voters in our district were craving change. The election is now certified, I was there for the entire recount, and neither Justin nor I secured that 4th seat. It was so very close, and I'm proud to say that the election results now reflect true voter intent. Some of the votes for us were rejected due to voter errors and bad ballot choices. (I can explain in more detail in separate posts so everyone is more aware going into the next big election.) Those would have put me over 2000. 💞 To have accomplished what we did in just two months - is amazing. I trust that Ms. Weaver, Mr. Gelazela, and Mr. Plesic will listen, respond, and discuss our concerns. We must trust that the soon-to-be appointed replacement for the resigning member, in the coming weeks, will be chosen fairly. We must stay engaged and aware of what is happening in our schools. Please trust when I say - This Is Not Over. This is just the beginning.👊😏

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