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May 16, 2023

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

  • Time to flip this stale school board! Let’s start making positive changes for our kiddos!

  • All 5 of us are PARENTS of children actively enrolled in the district.

  • Please SHARE to spread the word!

  • Get out and VOTE on May 16th!

  • Our children’s education and safety depend on it!

🔴 We want-More transparency!

⚪️We want-Traditional education that is future focused. Let’s get back to focusing on academics.

🔵We want- Removal of Political Agendas- no more grooming! Politics should never be taught in school, children should never know their teachers political affiliation.

🔴We want- Fiscal Responsibility- our current taxes are outrageous!

⚪️ We want- Employment Excellence- We need to support our teachers and staff. Let’s make changes that ensure retention! We have some AMAZING teachers in this district.

  • Primary Election May 16th

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