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Important COVID 19 Links

Attorney Eric Winter successfully litigated against businesses being required to mask their patrons or close. He has posted his legal advice regarding the Interim Secretary of Health's order to mandate masking children in schools

Adverse Reactions to COVID vaccination are being reported and suppressed regularly by the media. Here are some salient links provided as a starting point to do your own research on the safety of the vaccine that was released for emergency use without traditional clinical testing.

Lt Colonel Theresa Long has filed an injunction to stop the military's vaccination mandate citing her extensive medical qualifications and reasons for doing so. She has outlined her perspectively very clearly, knowing the military will castigate her for it and try to end her career. The last 3 links I had for this statement have been ripped from the internet. I have downloaded it for reposting. Provided here are a zipped copy of the last webpage along with a plaintext file of her testimony.

Lt Col Theresa Long Testimony
Download TXT • 26B


Theresa Long Lt Col Statement
Download ZIP • 1.27MB


In this section, Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA Vaccine speaks on the COVID vaccine. He mentions how animal testing was skipped, Reproductive Toxicity was not tested, genotoxicity testing was not done and "corners were cut." In this video, they discuss how the Spike protein created in response to the vaccine breaks loose and travels throughout the body causing random reactions. They also cover how adverse reactions are being hidden from the public.


In this section a nurse of 30 years speaks on the manipulation of the PCR testing for COVID and the cessation of normal proper treatment of pnuemonia for COVID patients.

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